Friday, November 21, 2014

Wonderful Michelle Palmer

A couple of weeks ago a bought a few little pieces of art from Michelle Palmer.  I adore her work. All these pieces are destined to become gifts although I may have to keep the littlest bear for me - he has stolen my heart.

I'll be having fun tonight sewing along with my bloggy friends as part of Friday Night Sew In.  Pop over and visit Wendy at Sugarlane Quilts and you can join in too.

Here's a LINK to a super cute little Christmas project which I found at fabulous Candyfloss Ramparts.
Big, big thanks to Kerry for sharing this with us.
Hope you have time for some stitching today

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I am very lucky... have such wonderful friends.  Look at this really beautiful pincushion which was a present from my dear friend Christine of MacDonald's Patch.  The colours Christine has chosen are so beautiful... and see the little hexies on the pink fabric, Christine certainly knows what I love.
I recognise it from the wonderful Patchwork Loves Embroidery by Gail Pan and I feel so lucky I have this delightful pin cushion stitched by such a lovely friend.

Today I attended my hand piecing group at Sewn and Quilted, such a lovely group of ladies, we had a wonderful time.  While I was I was there I spotted this little Tilda sample which I thought I'd share so all my Tilda loving friends could see it too.
and how cute is this tiny Tilda dolly.

Today's link is to a fabulous resource and a great gift idea.
This wonderful Makeup Brush Holder was featured on the Elna site HERE.  If you check out the links in the left sidebar you will find lots and lots of lovely free projects.  This design and tutorial were made by super clever Erin of Sew Bon who designs for them.  There are more fabulous projects on her blog too.
I haven't been to my loved NOTYQ Guild for a couple of months as I've been too sick to go but I'm heading off there today to catch up with my friends and I know I'll have a lot of fun.
Hope you have a fun day too.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I'm so excited... my new bundle of patterns from Jenny of Elefantz Stitchery Club arrived on Monday and I've already had time to stitch a design.
Isn't the Cottage Garden's thread a beautiful colour?  It was named after sweet Rosie Quinlan.  And the gorgeous heart is cut from Tilda fabric.

Here's what is in this month's bundle all for a bargain price of $6.95.  
Thank you so much to Jenny for sharing her talent at such an affordable price. You can find out all about the Stitchery Club HERE.

Jenny blesses us all with her beautiful free patterns too.  Here is what she is sharing this Christmas.
Just go HERE to her blog and HERE to her Craftsy shop.
Have a wonderful day

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Are you a Tilda fan?

If you are, there is a wonderful and inspiring facebook group called the Tilda Lover's Club, set up by our darling Fee from Designs by Fee
I love Tilda fabric and I'm using it to surround my Rosalie Quinlan stitcheries. 

I buy my Tilda fabric at Sewn and Quilted where Carol has a fabulous large selection and it is a dollar or two cheaper than I've seen it anywhere else.  Yes, she sells online too. I love Tilda so much it is my current kitchen tablecloth.
And I have this gorgeous book on order from the Book Depository.
Tone Finnanger's blog is a delight too.  You can visit Tilda's World HERE.

I was given a tube of this wonderful lip balm and I love it - smells beautiful and is very nourishing on your lips.
The recipe came from Homemade Mummy.  The recipe is HERE.
Many thanks to Lauren for the lovely gift and to Lindsay for the recipe and her wonderful blog.
Hope your day is filled with happiness.

Monday, November 17, 2014

What a day we had...a Mill Rosie Get Together.

I had a wonderful time with the Mill Rosie Friends on Saturday.  There was so much fun and laughing, and eating and gift giving.  Who would have thought laughing could be so tiring...Anne was asleep on the way home and I slept all day Sunday...well worth feeling a little bit tired for so much fun.  I took over 50 photos but I won't share them all now or you will be very tired too.
Here is a shot of everyone...
...except Sue who was our photographer.

Shez was so funny, and her alter ego, Naughty Santa was there too.
And it was lovely to have our dear friend and super Swap Mama, Cheryll visit us from NSW.

I am so lucky to be part of this group of wonderful women.  Can't wait to get together again next year.
Here is a LINK to a wonderful free pattern very generously shared by Amy Butler.
I found it at fabulous Pattern Pile.
Have a brilliant day

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Have a wonderful day

I know I will because I'm off to a Mill Rosie Bloggers Meeting in Ballan.

Here's a great project for a gift for someone with mobility difficulties.
It is designed, made and shared HERE at Melly Sews.  Huge thanks to Melissa.
Hope your day is delightful

Friday, November 14, 2014

I Love a Bargain

I love that feeling of finding a bargain.  For many years I was a shopping tour hostess.  Each weekend I would meet up with a group of ladies and off we'd go for a day of bargain shopping, visiting factory outlets and clearance shops. This was my dream job.  Anyone who knows me knows I love to talk, so being given a microphone for a day was bliss.  And I love to eat, and the job included a free meal in a restaurant each day.  And there were bargains, real gave me a taste for not paying full price which has stayed with me forever.

So I've decided to start a new section in my blog...a section for bargain hunters...and a place to share the fabulous shopping triumphs we have experienced.  So if you find a bargain or have a money saving tip related to stitching please let me know so I can share it here. 

Look for this cute little logo in my posts. I found my adorable kitty cat image on Free Pretty Things For You.  It is a wonderful place to visit. Enormous thanks to Keren for all the loveliness she shares with us.

So off I go...Do you love wool fabric in quilts and pincushions and needle-cases and lots of other projects?
If you do, now is the time to pounce and buy a super bargain.  Many fabric shops - the one's for people who sew clothes - sell off their winter stock, including their wool suiting, this time of year (or in six months time for my northern hemisphere friends).

I find most wool suiting, as long as it is at least 70% wool will felt up beautifully and (sorry patchwork shops) it is so much cheaper than the wool sold by patchwork shops.  For example I checked half a dozen quilting shops and most wool fabric was about $80 a metre. It is usually around $20 a metre in general fabric shops. 

The beautiful wool suiting I bought today was $5.40 a metre at Spotlight. Yes, a saving of 93% on the quilt shops' price.  
This week Spotlight has 30% off its fabric.  This fabric was marked at $17.00 a metre, so it would have been a bargain at $11.90 a metre but it scanned through at $5.60 a metre so my 25cm was only $1.40. I queried if I was paying the correct amount (I wouldn't want the shop assistant to get in trouble) and they assured me that what the scanner says is the correct price is what it sells for. And yes they do sell on-line.
This wool does not fray at all so you do not need to felt it.  If you plan to wash the item you are making then do wash the wool before you use it.  It will shrink a bit.
I'm elated because I Love a Bargain.

This is a great one.
I found it at fabulous House to Home.  The instructions are HERE.  Huge thanks to all involved.
Have a wonderful day

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